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Visit Chernobyl 33 years after the Disaster

All you need to know about our tours to Chernobyl


1 day tour is as safe as a flight by plane in terms of radiation. There is 160 times less radiation than a person gets during an X-Ray. A person is more likely to get 3600 times more radiation on a CAT scan than during the tour!

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Our experienced guides will share all the information available about Chernobyl with you.

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We meet you in Kyiv and take you to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Meal options, accomodation and airport shuttles are included. During the tour you will be accompanied by English, French and German language interpreters.

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Locations and facilities to visit:

Nuclear Power Plant
The Red Forest
The Secret
Facility “Duga”
Chernobyl (city)
Paryshev (nearby village)



Nuclear Power Plant


The Red Forest


The Secret Facility “Duga”


Chernobyl (city)


Paryshev (nearby village)


Our statistics of Chernobyl Tours

We are working for 11 years on the market
About 270 tours completed in 2019
More than 5900 satisfied customers in 2019

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Permanent group tours. Best value!

1 day tour
$ 99

Group Tour to Chernobyl
from the official organizer

  • Ghost-Townn Pripyat
  • TOP 25 great locations of the Zone
  • NPP Chernobyl
  • Secret Facility “Duga”
  • Cool photos are guaranteed

Our tour includes

  • paperwork (tour schedule, permits etc.)
  • insurance
  • transfer from Kyiv and back
  • English speaking guides
  • lunch + $7
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2 days tour
$ 249

Group Tour to Chernobyl
from the official organizer

  • 5 time more locations
  • You will have an opportunity to visit secret locations

Our tour includes

  • paperwork
  • insurance
  • transfer from Kyiv and back
  • English speaking guides
  • night in the hotel of Chernobyl
  • meal
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Individual Tours

From 1 to 5 days
from the official organizer

  • Only you and your frieds
  • Shooting movies, clips, commercial
  • Excursion inside the Chernobyl NPP (optional)
  • These tours are created for true adventurers and journalists
  • Individual system of the places and locations selection, tour duration depending on the customer’s wishes

Order an individual tour and get a collection of exclisive emotions

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Chernobyl Walking (hike) tours for 4-5-7 days

Day 1: enter the Chernobyl Zone
Day 2: welcome to Ghost-Town Pripyat
Day 3: exploring Pripyat
Day 4: welcome to Chernobyl 2 (Duga)

Our journey begins in Kyiv

Ghost-Town are waiting for You

What we will do:

  • we will meet you in the evening in Kiev
  • buy the necessary food and water
  • go to a special spot in the perimeter of the Zone
  • in the evening we cross the perimeter of Chernobyl Zone
  • spend the first night in abandoned village

The way to Ghost-Town Pripyat

Abandoned school

Our plan for that day

  • After waking up and having breakfast, we continue our hike through the wild nature of the Chernobyl zone
  • in the evening we get to the secret place where we stop for a while
  • we will dine and explore the area there, waiting for the darkness
  • After resting we make the final march to the ghost town of Pripyat

You will see all interesting locations of Pripyat

Amusement park in Pripyat
  • You wake up in our secret Pripyat apartment
  • The morning begins with a cup of coffee on the roof with a view of the ghost city and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • After breakfast we start to explore the most interesting locations of Pripyat: abandoned apartments of city residents, kindergartens, schools, swimming pool "Azure", amusement park, prison house, "Jupiter" factory, river port and many more!
  • Your exploring of the city ends with the contemplation of the sunset from a roof
  • After dinner and rest we leave Pripyat at night and head for Duga radar

Secret object Chernobyl-2 (Duga)

Chernobyl 2
  • At dawn we climb up Duga radar
  • From a height of 150 meters you will have an incredible view of the expanses of the Chernobyl zone
  • After sleep we return to the perimeter of Chernobyl Zone and then back to Kiev

Find out the price of your walking tour calculating by yoursel

Number of people in the group:
Number of days:
4 days
5 days
7 days
Rent of a backpack + a sleeping bag +$30
+ 1 photographer will go with us to take
pictures and video with you +$150
Rent of a dosimeter +$30
Transfer Boryspil-Kyiv +$30
Tour price: 599$/per.

General questions

Are there any restrictions for the hike?
Chernobyl Urbex tour means that you’ll hike about 90 km for 4 days with backpack by foot. That’s why you must have trekking experience or be in a good Physical shape.
Is it safe?
It would be a lie to give a 100% guarantee against capture by police in the Zone, but the police never caught us with tourists since 2010. We know the safe trails, move at nights and behave , carefully quiet. Anyways if we are caught by the police, we just need to pay a ridiculous administrative fine (about 20 €). That's why illegal tourism in the Chernobyl zone is so popular today.
How will radiation affect my health?
What you should know about the radioactive contamination of Chernobyl zone. First, the radiation covers the zone with spots, not evenly. We always choose the safe trails and stay in clean houses and apartments. Secondly, we have radiometers. In the third radiation levels no longer pose a health hazard in case of short-term arrival there. Finally, we've been visit the zone since 2010 and we're still alive! ;)
Can I get any souvenir from the Zone?
Respect the places you visit. No tags, no vandalism, no senseless destruction, no theft. Do not forget that people will visit the place after you do, so let them experience it just as you did! We always try to leave the place untouched and use the motto: "take only pictures, leave only footprints..."

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